Yarker Farmers’ Market Days


Yarker Farmers MarketMarket days in Yarker have begun for another summer and lots of special products and goods are waiting for you to discover.

On a calm beautiful warm Saturday morning where most would be drinking their coffee and maybe enjoying the quiet morning sunrise, vendors begin to arrive to setup their booths.
A small army of people from the Market Manager, volunteers and students are there to unload the cars, pitch tents and squeeze everyone in.     Vendors work hard to create appealing and eye catching displays.   The small country church parking lot has turned into a small village in a matter of an hour.market3_sm

9am arrives and the day begins.  Customers begin to explore each table discovering the amazing array of products from Yarker and beyond.  Freshly picked vegetables, sheep milk cheeses, raw honey, rhubarb juice & jelly, microgreens, preserves, handmade soaps and more just to name a few.    If these items don’t catch your eye then surely the freshly baked pies will.Yarker Farmers MarketYarker Farmers Market

It’s a place where there are friendly conversations and children exploring.  Visitors from all over are coming to experience this small town event.

This is not your ordinary shopping excursion.   Experience this country farmers market on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from now til October 1st in downtown Yarker at the United Church across from the fire hall.   This is a well-organized event put on by the United Church members as a fundraiser.  Along with their array of amazing baked goods you can also enjoy BBQ’d burgers by the falls.

Life is good in Yarker!

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market2_smYarker Farmers MarketYarker Farmers Market

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