Homemade Toys and Decor
I am a stay at home mom , previously an R.E.C.E. with a passion for creativity and homemade goods. With my children I love to provide open ended, natural toys but have found it quite difficult to find these types of toys locally. With this difficulty, I decided to begin creating our own toys. Being raised by a carpenter and married to carpenter the thought of working with my hands to create was not a foreign thought. After making a few and having success I have decided to sell and share this passion with other mom and dads who maybe also be finding it difficult to find these types of toys locally.
And so Carole & Jane became to be. As a young child I could often be found in my grandparents shop painting and crafting with my Nanny. My Poppy made all kinds of wooden furniture, and my Nanny would paint on decals. Using her carbon copy paper and dollar store paints she would create beautiful pieces. My Nanny passed a few years back but when creating and painting it feels as though she is right there with me, and so I named my little business after her. Carole Jane.
I am always trying new patterns and ideas and hope to constantly provide new products that will help your child’s play flourish and be rich in development. If you would like to place an order you can comment on the post in which the item is featured and send me a DM. I also love custom orders so if you have ideas please don’t hesitate to ask.
I am local to Newburgh/Napanee area but can do delivery for addition cost and pre payment.
  • Amanda Ireland
  • Newburgh, ON

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