Online Farmers Market

Stone Mills Online Farmers Market

We are so fortunate to have these important community connections.  This online farmers market keeps you connected to those in our community who work hard to provide local fresh products.  Buy your top-quality farm-fresh products directly from the person who produced them.


Local Maple Syrup:

  1. Eagle Rock – Kerr Family Farm – 322 Dowdle Rd. Newburgh  613-378-2338
  2. Charlie Detlor – Enterprise – 613-358-2053
  3. Gary Matthews –  558 Miller Rd., Tamworth – 613-379-2415
  4. Salmon River Sugarbush – 180 Gilmore Rd. Tamworth – 613-618-8619
Outskirts Farm
MacKenzie eggs
moscow feed
Savannah Acres Farm