Township of Stone Mills Special Council Mtg – Solar Proposals

Tue (Jul 21, 2015)
09:00 am - 10:00 am

Township Council Chambers Centreville Hall


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A special meeting of Council has been called for July 21st, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. to hear presentations from BluEarth and Algonquin Power respecting their proposed LRP projects.  Persons interested in these projects are welcomed to attend and listen to the proceedings.  Please watch the Stone Mills Civic Web Portal for agenda information.


BluEarth Notice Of Public Meeting

Algonquin Power Notice of Public Meeting.

Green Energy (Solar) Projects

The Township of Stone Mills is currently receiving numerous proposals for the development of projects, most notably solar projects, pursuant to the Green Energy Act. These projects include those under the Feed In Tariff Release 4 (FIT-4) rules for projects proposing energy production between 10 kw and 500 kw, and the Large Renewable Projects (LRP) where the energy production will exceed 500 kw.  Respecting the LRP projects, the rules developed for these projects require the proponent to engage the public in order to determine the acceptance of the project.  To this end, numerous residents have been approached by the proponents of these projects to obtain public support.

It is important to note, the Township of Stone Mills does not approve any project submitted under the Green Energy Act.  All projects are approved by the Independent Electricity System Operators (IESO) on a points system.  The greater number of points accumulated by a proponent, the greater the chances are the project will be approved.  Points are awarded to a proposal if the Council in the host municipality chooses to endorse any particular project.

LRP projects are presently being considered in Stone Mills by:

  • BlueEarth Renewables Inc and
  • Algonquin Power Company.

Community Meetings are being proposed by each of these proponents as per the following public notices.

BluEarth Notice Of Public Meeting

Algonquin Power Notice of Public Meeting.