In a recent survey, one of the number one concerns of the Stone Mills participants was the lack of communication of events and information within Stone Mills.  This indicates that there is a need to connect and to know what is happening within our community.

Whether it is online or in person, there is a feeling of fellowship.  What makes it keenly more desireable, is the commonality of location or interests.   

“Members of a community have a sense of trust, belonging, safety, and caring for each other. They have an individual and collective sense that they can, as part of that community, influence their environments and each other.” See more 


Over the years we have driven most of the Stone Mills countryside.  It was usually on these drives when we would see the different stores, restaurants, or signage to tucked away treasures that we never knew existed.  Also, the weekly newspapers never seems to capture all the events which were going on within our township.


With the lack of a central repository for such information within our township, I felt that something would be better than nothing.     

It is only when you bring all of the information to one website do you see the magnitude of the range of great events and businesses within our community.

Since the inception of the STONE MILLS MARKETPLACE  Facebook page in 2014 we have grown to over 1400 members.

The Stone Mills Marketplace FACEBOOK page was my starting point.  It quickly grew with popularity.  Its  focus is on Stone Mills community events and Stone Mills business postings.  Due to the newsfeed type format of Facebook, the information was quickly lost.  This website captures information permanently and is your “go to” resource for events and business directory.  This also allows people without Facebook to get the information they want.

Not only is this a great resource for you, but this has also become a valuable tool for me as a Realtor®.  I am able to sell Stone Mills more effectively to any clients looking to move to Stone Mills.  Once they move here, this website, Facebook page, and my personal connections to businesses within the area will be mutually beneficial to all.

It’s all about making community connections!! …. great businesses, great events and great neighbours.

Diane Giberson
Sales Representative
Sutton Group Masters Realty Brokerage Inc.

Diane Giberson and her family moved to Yarker in 2006.  For the last 6 years she has been a Realtor® helping families transition to the next stage of their lives.  

She supports events and businesses throughout Stone Mills.  She has been organizing Stone Mills Business Mix & Mingle events (an evening which allows local business owners to meet other business owners and exchange conversation and business cards) and The 2nd Annual Stone Mills Declutter Sale.  

To find out more about Diane, you can visit her website at www.LetsBuyAHome.ca  or www.LetsSellAHome.ca

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